Thursday, May 31, 2007

custom projects to tingle the taste buds

Just finished this gorgeous sea glass bracelet, a custom project for an Etsy buyer. It's very like the necklace I made for myself using sea glass and wiring for the first time (see blog post here).

The bracelet is now listed at ebb and flo so I get to sit all nervous in front of my screen until the transaction is completed.

I've never acted professionally (as in on the stage or in films!!!) but have heard that each performance can be like putting something of your personal life out there in the open. I get the same feeling whenever I complete a custom project. No matter how controlled or free reign the design is, I still feel that sense of worry, "Will they like me/it?"

This is another custom project completed today (and requested today too!). It's a wire crochet necklace using sea glass and incorporating pearls, white howlite, glass, green jade, aquamarine and some shell beads. And yes, I'm still just as nervous about this one even though the buyer has already ordered and bought one from me before!
Hopefully she's picking it up this evening.
I call this kind of wire crochet design "constellations" since it holds the tiny bead and charms in orbit around you.

... and PS
if this has whetted your appetite for wiring up your own sea glass creation then check out the chunks I have listed at ebb and flo

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