Wednesday, May 23, 2007

woot! woot! treasury time .... again!

Yesterday I was in three treasuries on Etsy at once!!!! I'm always completely tickled by this, that someone out there has seen my stuff and like it enough to put it into their list. So three yesterday was pretty amazing and they were all gorgeous, well thought out treasury lists. Big thanks to glass maestra liskidder, the awesome cindyg and purpleflowerdesigns.

.. and so today when I take my wander thru treasury I see another big fat gold star! UniqueDeb has put my sea glass pendant on her wish list and included it with a bunch of other amazing Etsy goodies in a stunning list. Big thanks Deb! You made my day today.

PS: more screenshots and treasury thoughts here.
PPS: just listed a custom sea glass wire crochet choker from my constellations range in my Etsy shop tonight.
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