Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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I'm having a love/hate relationship with this cufflink order right now. I've never worked so intensively with sterling silver wire before and it is freaking me out. I got wholesale rates so it's actually less expensive than the first plated wire I bought from a craft shop but there seems to be so much more to it. I've also been torturing myself looking at other cufflink designers and their work, and then looking at my amateur attempts! Oh my!
I've also had a tortuous relationship with the stones choices I suggested. Carnelian has vanished from the face of Vancouver and my other choices no longer come in the shapes I wanted. Ya boo.

Does anyone else look at their work and hate it?

(but i'm very pleased with my herbs planter - apart from the basil everything else is thriving)

PS: just got an email back from the customer and she's going to look over my suggestions this evening!

PPS: click on the flickr links to get back to the original pic for some explanations of what you can see


msbelle said...

Don't torture yourself!! Your work is fabulous!

pomomama said...

thank you msbelle!

sixgunsally said...

I wouldn't say that I hate my work, but I know that when I'm trying something new I'm always pretty sceptical in the begining. I do however love the finished results. Why can't we just get there faster?

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