Sunday, May 20, 2007

what the best dressed mannequin is wearing today

(I am sooooo loving the new-to-me "blog it' function from flickr!)

Introducing Lisa, my model and muse. She patiently waits while I drape all manner of goodies around and over her, infinitely adjusting and fussing with them as another "design" takes shape. She never complains or fidgets, and at the end of the day is happy to act as a bag or hat stand, clothes rack or necklace design board.

Lisa - I salute you!

detail from Is it spring yet? necklace

fashion file: Lisa is currently wearing a handmade couture (!) halter neck evening dress in peachy mock silk topped with a thrufted linen mandarin collar jacket in bue chambray, accessorised with Is it Spring yet? opera length necklace and annihilation polymer clay and blackstone choker. Outfit completed with upcycled jeans bag, lined and zipped with external cell phone pocket accssible thru the fly!

addendum in response to a comment;

The necklace was inspired by another Etsy seller on the Etsyseller yahoo group who was aksing about lengths for an opera length necklace she had been asked to make. That and the expiring of a necklace listing gave me enough push to try a long necklace. The day I started was excessively cloudy and raining - and I had given up on spring. Hence the 'white' theme in the beads used, all spares or new acquisitions, and some odd lengths of chain. Once finished it looked too white! There was no focal point until a couple of amazonite beads rolled to the front of the tray - perfect for the longed for green shoots of spring.


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