Thursday, April 05, 2007

so why did i start making jewelry ....

seaglass and faux pearl wire daisy chain

The seaglass is the reason why I started making jewelry (again - tho' my earlier attempts were back when I was in school and using Das modelling clay for beads!!) and wire wrapping in particular.

I grew up in a small seaside village and spent many a happy hour or several on the beach. First I collected shells and then I moved on to admiring the chunks of seaglass that get washed up. Now that I'm thousands of miles away from home and family these frosted gems meant a lot more to me.

The wire wrapping also coincided with motherhood and in particular, the grabbing fingers of a curious toddler. As I emerged from my woolly new mum haze I started to wear more jewelry again. In one week I "lost" several necklaces and beads. Wire wrapping and more secure stringing seemed the only way to go, and I might be able to create something that would keep my precious seaglass close to me.

The necklace above was my first seaglass wrap and it is still holding up well to daily life! Since then my wrapping techniques have developed and evolved. There are some examples on my flickr site (see link below).

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