Tuesday, April 17, 2007

cynical marketing ploy??

From last week's forum shenannigans

- I earned approximately 24 new hearts (two of them anonymous), 25 convos and one sold item (thank you).

- I wasted a whole shed-load of time, most of it when I couldn't answer to forum comments and was just hanging out here (big thanks to each and everyone of you involved in this amazing venture) and another big chunk spent erasing useless replies to people who might matter in the whole deal (lots of vitriol ended up in the trash)

- I opened up a couple of new online selling venues (so stay tuned) so that my ova were not all in the same wickerworkage

Might write more about the whole darn thang when I can be a bit more coherent. Meanwhile, let me leave you with this thought - the Etsy sellers are an awesome bunch. Cheers to you all and big hugs for helping me last Tuesday.
.. and PS: I am possibly able to have the last laugh after all. For winning the beading challenge (see post below this) Etsy will be sending me a prize goodies package ho ho ho!


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