Friday, April 20, 2007

on the road ...

The wee guy and I went to Family Place this morning for the drop-in play session. I love this playgroup as it has toys for the little people and full strength coffee and chat for the grown ups. We had lunch there and then left for some grocery shopping. Driving east along Prairie I noticed some strange red rings drawn in the road - then I realised. This is where Jason was knocked down and almost killed by a dark SUV last Tuesday night. The red marks started at the intersection which he and his mother were crossing that night ...... and they go on almost to the next intersection. In other words 'evidence' was carried almost a whole block.

Jason is four years old, a little older than the wee guy above is now. He was on his bicycle at the time, which places his head at roughly bumper height I guess. He is a regular at Family Place and has played with the wee guy many times.

There's more info in these two links, and also details of a trust fund that has been set up by his uncle.

He's still in hospital, unconcious with brain damage and a broken leg.

The driver of the dark SUV did not stop at the time of the accident and has still not come forward.

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