Thursday, October 25, 2012

self portrait 25th october: boots to the ballet

Today was one of those days when leaving the house was an achievement.
And I'm so glad I made the effort. Today's noon hour dance special at the Scotiabank Dance Centre was a rehearsal session by Ballet BC giving a teaser of one of the upcoming works for this November's In/verse performance.
Emily Molnar introduced the event, letting the audience know there would be a Q&A with both dancers and choreographer after the rehearsal.
The work is not yet complete for performance ... not that I could spot any flaws. Only a ragged end to the third movement gave any hint that what we were seeing was a work in progress. The dancers seemed very much at ease in the piece, inside its portrayal of boundaries on the edge (my interpretation) accompanied by an intense but beautiful soundtrack.
It was lovely to hear the dancers after the performance. They were quite eloquent in describing their process and working with a contemporary choreographer.
I cannot wait till I see the complete work - what will the lighting be like? The costumes? How will it end?

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