Thursday, October 11, 2012

self-portrait Thursday: i mind


yesterday was world mental health awareness day, a day to be thankful that it's not you, to be thankful that it's not you right now, or perhaps even to wonder what it's like to have mental health issues ... or not have mental health issues. whatever - it's an awareness day and luckily not one associated with buying branded pink carcinogens.
it's an awareness day and also an education day. if you're not familiar with mental health issues please take one thing away - you cannot snap out of mental health problems. this is no mind over matter event even though it is all in the head. just telling someone that they have no excuse, that they should be grateful for the life they have isn't an instant cure; understanding and support is. check out Maslow's hierarchy of needs. although the basics for survival are obvious, pay attention to the higher tiers. they are the ones that nourish emotional wellbeing and also contribute to mental health. gratitude for the roof over one's head or a full belly isn't necessarily The Cure, and being reminded just heaps on the guilt. a gentle hand on the shoulder, sitting quietly in their company and even a softly stated, that sucks! helps more. don't feel that you have to fix the problem.
so next time you offer a quick fix solution to an acquaintance struggling with the heaviness of life, just do a quick run through of some of the less obviouses like emotional support, creativity and recognition before telling them to be grateful and snap out of it.
speaking personally, you might as well just punch them on the nose for all the help it is.

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