Saturday, October 06, 2012

friday forte: just open the door and walk right in

This forte is a day late with no apology. Thursday moody introspective reflection brought on lots of thought, and some lovely comments with much understanding. Thank you. I am indeed picking myself up and putting myself back out there ... as I always do.

Thank you to those of you who realise that it is more than just walking up to the door and pulling it open to step inside. Sometimes the door is too heavy, or locked. I can look inside and see I want to be there. Sometimes I can't find the door and can only peer through the windows. I keep walking round the perimeter. Mostly I just see others stepping across the threshold.

I did get into Opus yesterday - just pulled open the door and walked in past the very tempting array of juicy Copic markers. Its shelves an inspiration as usual, stacked with potential and possibilities, of projects in waiting open to all hands. Just reach out and grasp - there's no one to say, you're not qualified to do that. I bought three mini cradled panels for some Christmas mixed media work I have in mind - a few more eternal gardens which cannot be killed off. This was just after I dropped off my portfolio for a standards of quality jury where yes, I will be judged. Wish me luck.

See - I'm no stranger to putting myself out there or picking myself up repeatedly. Each time I do, my soul is exposed and I'm vulnerable. To do it repeatedly is exhausting - some would say soul-destroying - but I keep going. An easy entry would be nice for change though.

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