Monday, October 29, 2012

midlife Monday: brand awareness with miles more Moo

The latest batch of Moo cards with my creative summer doodles (digital and traditional media) ... and of course, the brand in question is me.
This summer I completed the work experience part of the writing diploma I'm taking. The internship was a big part of my decision to enrol, and I'm not disappointed. What started as 180 hours course requirement extended to another 130, stretching my return to the workplace into mid-october.

I learned how to set up web pages using the Adobe CQ5 template program. I interviewed researchers and university staff then turned my notes into articles for online and print newsletters. I learned how to turn an Adobe InDesign file into a readable epub, reflowing the text for different sizes of readers.

Most importantly, my work was edited; for almost six months it was patiently picked apart then reassembled into eloquence (thank you Barry), leaving me with abundant track changes and before-and-after reference documents to learn from.

Apart from testing out my skills (and being pleasantly surprised with my abilities) I also found that not only can I still hack it in the world of paid employment (yes, a paid internship), I'm longing to get back in there.

But how? So far, I haven't managed to hook one interview. It is quite frustrating as I know now that I can do most of what each posting specifies and am still able to quickly learn the rest. My qualifications, volunteering and self-directed learning just aren't enough, and my lack of Canadian qualifications/work experience aren't helping.

Somehow I need to re-package Brand Me into a much more attractive, persuasive model - I need to be pushy, to get my face out there cos my resume just ain't doing it.

Any tips from those who have been here before?
PS: still nothing from Walmart btw.

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