Sunday, July 29, 2012

wicked seahorse

Not a complete creative block then?  
"wicked seahorse:
wicked seahorse, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.Last night's sketch before bedtime - did this contribute ot a restless night?"
Sometimes one kind of creativity wanes but another surges (or at least is less waned than the other). While I'm not in the mood for making 3D stuff, my fingers still itch to create, anything.
Lately I've been playing around with digital art software but this week I've also put actual pen to actual paper. It's a much more tactile experience, feeling the gritty lead against grain and building smooth waves or washes building up layers. The process takes less preparation - open journal. open paints, sharpen pencil and GO - but more effort to 'show and tell'. I don't know how many takes on the scanner to capture the sea dragon above; auto-scan kept chopping off fringe elements until I drew a framing around the sketch.
Show-and-tell isn't the same with bits missing.

watercolour rings with wash and ink pen

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