Thursday, July 12, 2012

self portrait thursday: a day of four outfits

.. and here are two of them.

Outfit one was vintage -summer khakis from way back, with a thrifted men's linen shirt.
Purpose? to and from a swim

Outfit two, sporty - swimsuit, goggles and a new silicone cap to replace the last one which disintegrated abruptly after eight years of service.
Purpose? skinny dip avoidance

Outfit three, casual everyday - thrift Forever 21 jeans, thrift T shirt, vintage sandals and new (!) Monica jacket from MEC.
Purpose? Higgs Boson lecture attendance!

Outfit four, poshed up - vintage linen White Stuff maxi, vintage lace shawl, daisy collar (by yours truly of course), Aldo Kunert sandals from two years ago.
Purpose? gallery opening (PoMo arts centre instructor show), 21st anniversary date night with mr ebb

New stuff?
Date night?
Vintage as well as thrift?
Higgs Boson?
21 years???

multi-facetted ;) 

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