Friday, July 20, 2012

friday forte: bizy backson

a few fritterings

Life is busy.
Right now life is busy.
There is a lot on my To Do list and I've got a lot more in my in-tray this month.
For a variety of reasons, but one in particular.

So I find myself staying up late, frittering away time on nothings because I have so much to get on with and cannot settle, and end up tired in the morning. Rinse and repeat.

It's not in a bad way, this Having Lots To Do - it's just that there is a lot to do.
And there's only me to do it right now.
No - it's not being a martyr. It's just that it's up to me to get it done.

... so, thanks to @Materfam, I'm playing around with PicMonkey making pretty collages and thinking how sensible it is to work on relaxing.

... and now, at 10.45pm I need to pull together some listings for a gallery exhibition!

bizy ... backson :)
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