Monday, July 30, 2012

midlife monday: a month or so of eats

the best meals this time of year are al fresco and purchased IMO
Yes, it's mealplan monday again!
How it rolls around, leaving me totally in the lurch on Sunday evening when I realise that I am not as organised as I'd hoped.

This month, my monthly meal plan was prepared in advance, and (oh joy) we need to finish meals already prepped in the freezer!
Cue smugness!

Week One:
  • Monday = Shepherd's Pie (leftovers from roast)
  • Tuesday = ham and bocconcini, and veg kebabs (wrap spanish dry-cure ham around the cheese then grill or barbecue) served with whatevers! 
  • Wednesday = pizza and fries
  • Thursday = salads and more ham
  • Friday = macaroni cheese

Week Two:
  • Monday = kitchen closed!
  • Tuesday = chicken noodle soup with homemade bread and cheeses 
  • Wednesday = lentil and potato stuffed pancakes (still haven't blogged this one apparently)
  • Thursday = salmon and dill pasta bake
  • Friday = salad of some ilk

Week Three:

Week Four:
  • Monday = kitchen closed!
  • Tuesday = quiche
  • Wednesday = Kung Pao chicken stir fry (from Canadian Living - I didn't make it last month)
  • Thursday = sausage and ratatouille slow cook
  • Friday = beany lasagne

Bon appetit!
More month of eats plans and recipes on this page.

PS: I've started collecting recipes on Pinterest - check here for some ideas.
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