Tuesday, July 31, 2012

playground action hero

What do you think of, my wee guy, on your solo singleton way through the playground?
Are you like I was, dreaming your action hero from jump to slide, feet never touching the ground?

I was sidekick Billy the Cat's Fearless Katie. 
I was Marine Boy.
Swinging like Johnny Weissmuller into a void; avoiding blows like Scooby Doo; daring deeds to fuel the poor.
Parry and swish as D'Artagnon, disarm, advance, mutate.
Speed into slow mo acceleration, a one-girl sound effects lab for enhanced prosthetics. 
Visible invisible! In disguise, in cahoots.
I was another me. 
At play.
Invincible ageless genderless.

And you? What do you visualize? Is it the same? 
Do you dream alone or together, real or imaginary?
Where do you go to when I can't see?
Where do you go to inside your head?

Who are you? At play.
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