Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a month of eats

an oreo birthday cake
oreo birthday cake

Time for another month of eats - nothing radical, nothing exotic. Just another meal plan month of keeping the boys fed and (somewhat) nourished.

Week One:
  • Monday =  spaghetti bolognese (using some of the slow cooker sauce frozen from the last batch)
  • Tuesday = birthday meal out (at Ikea - his request) after homemade oreo cookie cake at home :)
  • Wednesday =  out again!
  • Thursday =  baked potatoes (wrapped in foil, slow cooker on HI for the day) served with cream cheese and coleslaw
  • Friday = Thai yellow curry (red snapper in coconut milk with udon noodles, yams, enoki mushrooms and cilantro)

Week Two:
  • Monday = feta cheese Greek burgers
  • Tuesday = chicken goujons and fries
  • Wednesday = risotto of some kind or another
  • Thursday = fending for themselves since i will be out!
  • Friday = baked fish (still trying to get over my fish mental block)
Week Three:
  • Monday =  pork pot roast 
  • Tuesday = cold roast
  • Wednesday = more left-overs!!!
  • Thursday =  tofu stir fry
  • Friday = salmon pasta bake

Week Four:
  • Monday = holiday - i'm not cooking!
  • Tuesday = spaghetti and cheese pie (yes, that old standby)
  • Wednesday = home made pizza
  • Thursday =  baked potatoes yet again
  • Friday = breaded fish and fries
Bon appetit!
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