Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

(yes, i made a weekend of it!)

Seen, heard and done this weekend:

  1. Date night with my Wee Guy on Friday evening, watching the new Aardman Pirates movie then moving on to iHop for dinner. The movie was an animated laugh-a-minute, though I'm not sure whether I enjoyed laughing at the antics on the screen or chuckling at my date's mirth!
  2. Finished Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique - an oddly appropriate read for Mother's Day
  3. Mother's Day brunch at Camp Sasamat, where the Wee Guy and I were the only mother/son combo there. All other guests were in huge extended family groups except for two women who came together without kids "to celebrate each other".
  4. on hearing sounds of sobbing in the back of the car
    Me: "Hang on, I'm pulling over. What's the matter?"
    Wee Guy: "Nothing. Can we listen to something else now please?"
    Me: "Did the story on the radio upset you?" reaching back to his seat
    WG: "Yes. I'd never want to let my dad die." sobbing
    Me: "I know you wouldn't, but sometimes you just have to let someone go, when it's too painful to keep them alive you have to let them die."
    WG: "Whoever invented death should be put in jail."
    Me: struggling for words and crying too "Yes, it isn't fair but death happens, even to people you love. And sometimes you just have to let it happen."
  5. mr ebb did most of the housework and all of the laundry (including the towels which had been washed on Wednesday). 
  6. Dinner out, to give mr ebb a break :)
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