Monday, May 21, 2012

midlife monday: nominated

at work

Yes - it's true. I've turned up on the Vancouver Mom Top Thirty Mom Blogger list for 2012.

I am a mum, I do blog with regular and active posts (!), and no - I did not nominate myself; I have no idea who did*, but it wasn't me (see previous post for explanation).

My profile will be posted on Vancouver Mom on Wednesday (of course I'll post a link, best beloved) and voting opens May 28th ... and therein lies the dilemma.

I don't want to promote my blog.**  ***

It's not an easy read. There is nothing lovely about my take on parenting, and at best I sound like a grumpy, ranting and whiny old bitch. My voyage through midlife is more an uphill thrash through zombie piranhas with open sores than a cruise. I've lost sight of who I am and finding myself again is, at times, a painful journey (which I inflict with relish on you, dear readers). I don't always enjoy motherhood and I don't see I should feel guilty about it. Ditto mr ebb. Although does fulfil the mandate of "the personality of the blogger should shine through", how many more people I know IRL do I want knowing what I'm really like? I do a  damned fine job of covering it up most of the time. It's fine if you stumble on the posts through googling "shots of pussys" or "yoga fall over" (true search terms, I kid you not!) and stay, if that's what floats your boat, but asking acquaintances to read my blog?


* thanks, big thanks
** OK - i'll tweet about it a bit ... and i am going to the party :)#
*** of course, i want you to go and vote for it :) duh!

# this makes me hypocritical and shallow
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