Tuesday, May 22, 2012

one day post barf

unpaid stuff includes photography of the display case at Port Moody library
... and after yesterday's explosive back-of-seat decorating fest en route back from May parade celebrations in Fort Langley, I truly thought today would be a child-minding snoozefest with added lysol and GETTING NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED.

other unpaid stuff includes taking macro photographs
(detail from work by Val Simons) ...
today's crafty exploits
... and varnishing tigers ...
But it wasn't.

The Wee Guy woke up barf-free and announced he would be going to school. Off he went; I did some work, some actual paying work too courtesy of my paid internship work experience semester gig for which I have paid fees to do. I even fitted in some of the unpaid stuff between emailing off My Very First Interview Profile (written after many hours of delete and some much "i can't do this" angst) and wrestling my way into Adobe CQ5.

I am completely weirded out at a. how productive I felt, and b. how much I enjoyed hanging out with the Wee Guy after school after being productive. We snacked, shopped at Value Village for new jeans because his legs are growing (!) then went to piano ... and not once was I on a different planet wondering why I felt so unsettled. This has not happened in a long time. Is this the work/life balance I've been searching for?

llama farm dream
... and dreaming about llama farms
... which leaves me wondering, is it the money or is it just having something new on the agenda, or am I finally getting somewhere in, around and in spite of my family?
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