Friday, May 11, 2012

friday forte: monetise?

Today may 5th :)
midlife - sharp in tooth and claw

I'm not a real blogger - I don't post awesome and erudite; I don't attract millions of comments; I'm not a commenter on up-to-the-minute social matters or on the radar for any interest group. I'm also not a mom blogger either; I'm a mum who posts on a blog. However, recently I seem to be flirting with those two labels.
Last week, someone whose writing persona I greatly admire, described me as a real blogger. Then later that same day I attended an event solely because I am active on social media and a mum who blogs.

The rise of mommy bloggers in marketing, reviews, promotions and social media brand PR has been awesome. Most mom bloggers by now are very familiar with spreading news of events, products and so on via their social media networks, tweeting everything from shout outs to blogging freebies and reviews. It's even become a bit contentious out there online, with questions raised on topics ranging from integrity to implications that kids are being ignored while mommy tiptaps at the keyboard. Whether or not anyone takes them seriously, they're here to stay for the forseeable future as useful adjuncts to the advertising industry.

So, as a mum who blogs, I was asked by Limelite PR, who are handling the promotion of this year's Vancouver International Children's Festival, to attend a preview screening of an Aardman animated film, The Itch for the Golden Nit. I checked online for some details then cheerfully accepted the mission for myself and two boys (one 46-year-old; one nine-year-old!). In return I was asked to spread news of the event (tweeted) and my review of the film (in the works - it was fabulous btw, you should go see it) through my social media channels, something which of course mom bloggers are incredibly familiar with but not me so much. 

So far, I've reviewed a piece of ski wear for Vancouver Mom and a book on expat life for women, netting me an ebook and the item of apparel. My blogging is not lucrative; I'm not in the new auto test drive or the expensive family holiday bracket, or even net the freebie coffees or giftcards (though I am looking for a tablet/gadget/travel sponsor for next summer's trip round Europe with the Wee Guy ... any takers?).

While I would like to make money by writing, I'm not convinced that the mum blog route is one I want to travel. I can't see me offering give-aways; neither do I wish to review everything under the sun child-related. I reviewed the ebook because I am an expat trailing spouse, the film because I adore Aardman and like to support local events/industry, and the ski apparel because I am an avid snowboarder. In other words, they fit in with my life, my personality and my values. At midlife I'm feisty enough to say no even if it means shutting the (wrong-for-me) door.

So it's unlikely that I will be offered many reviews; have you checked out which niche my blog falls into? How many products are targeted to expat midlife mixed-media artist mature mothers of a singleton, struggling with depression/relationship issues and carving out a work/life balance as they attempt a return to paid employment/certification after over ten years of unemployment overseas?

Not even Meryl Streep can pull off that many characters.
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