Saturday, May 15, 2010

woman at work

looking out to the gallery
my view from the gift shop desk out into the gallery

I was at work today.
Let me rephrase.
I was at work outside of the home, covering my shift at the Blackberry Gift Shop in the Port Moody Arts Centre. It's part of my membership obligations for belonging to the artist's cooperative and selling my work thru the gift shop. One shift per month - not too bad! I get to leave the house (on my own) and sit surrounded by amazing pieces of art and talk to people .....

..... about art .....

..... not about piano practice, meals and nutrition, playdates, scheduling, childcare, business travel, groceries, meal planning, laundry, toilets, bathtimes, why not's, when's, threats, discipline, hygiene, bedtime .....

..... and so on.

If it's quiet, I make stuff too.

wire and fibre display
wire and fibre brooch detail


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