Friday, May 21, 2010

friday forte: the 'so darn proud of myself' post

items featured in the Blackberry Artist's cooperative gift shop during May

This is the 'blowing my own trumpet' edition of friday forte cos everyone needs a little pride in themselves once in a while.

Achievements (in no particular order);
  • successfully took a week off work ;)
  • solo trip to my first blogging conference (and I even spoke to people!)
  • successful and enjoyable family day out
  • Mother's Day and there were no tears (well, a few from me at gift giving)
  • my husband understood what I was talking about/getting upset over (big thing this one)
  • featured artist at my local artist cooperative (see above)
  • have blogged every weekday in May so far on my other blog and scheduled enough posts to cover May in the other blog
  • didn't have a melt down at yet another failure in childcare arrangements :(
  • had a date with myself
  • Wee Guy lost one of his troublesome teeth (with my help) (hopefully avoiding a trip to the dentist)
  • shoes!
  • spinach, sunflower and kale seedlings coming up!!!!
  • had lunch with a couple of friends; totally unexpected, spontaneous and great fun - new playdate planned as a result
Definitely an odd assortment but it's been a calm and pleasant week for a change. Apart from what turned out to be a minor blip (major blip smoothed over by husband) I'm wondering if this is what normal life is actually like? B - you may be onto something .......



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