Wednesday, July 04, 2007

something grey for the weekend

This Sunday the VanEtsyChicks are meeting up for coffee and yack (see this thread for details) or, as my ?better?half calls it 'VanEtsy Chicking'.

Anyway, last time we had a mini challenge to create a cool ID pin so we would recognise each other. This time our mission is to create something representative of our shop using shades of grey!

Well this is mine! It has everything in it - metal, fibre, glass, wire crochet, embroidery - all the things that make the ebb and flo world spin on its axis. Finsihed at last and fresh out of the washer.

materials: upcycled metal mesh disc, left over steel beading wire, shetland wool, eyelash yarn, glass beads, silverplated wire and a brooch pin on the reverse

... and it very cutely says "ebb" across the front


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