Thursday, July 19, 2007

in love once more

Pitcher by Daisy Dog StudioPitcher


The wee guy and I and Aunty B visited the ceramic studio on Hastings in Burnaby last week to splosh some paint on the blanks there. Aunty B had to guide the wee guy thru painting a new piggy bank since his last one got smashed (damn those yuppy granite counters!) and I had two espresso cups to decorate.
We had a great time (and we always do at Adobe). Aunty B also decorated her own plate so we all got to be creative.

... and then while checking out a new site (to me at least) I spy this awesomely designed pitcher (teapot and cup set to match). I love it .... alot! Oh my Daisy Dog Studio - you have some awesome stuff!

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