Monday, July 23, 2007

button and pendant stash

I am definitely not having much luck with markets (see previous ranting-type post for more info here ).

This weekend one of my three appearances at PoMo market got cancelled, all because the city works have dug a huge hole or two at the netrance to the plaza. Since it has been raining like the floods are coming for the past week work has been stalled and the holes have filled with water. So ebb and flo goodies were not available to the good people of the TriCities here in Lower Mainland BC.

There is however a silver lining to this cloud (and we are once again in the middle of a cloud halfway up the mountain this morning) as it meant my Thursday did not have to be spent prepping for the market. Instead I got to play with all the other little projects which fascinate. My polymer clay got out of its box and came to play. I'm quite pleased with the results!

The pendants and buttons need a little sanding to finish them off, and I'll probably highlight some areas with varnish ..... then they'll be off to list on my ecrater shop .
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