Friday, July 06, 2007

something a little greyer for the weekend .....

The Etsy mute machine has rolled itself out of the corner it has been lurking in again, this time slapping a good old time out on a buyer!

All I can say is WTF?

I'm not particularly eloquent but it appears that this buyer has been judged to be critical of the Etsy regime and in la la Etsyland that kind of thing is not tolerated.


So for voicing opinion, being critical and having an incisive, sharp and intelligent personality Etsy has muted this forum poster (click the title for further details).

Who is it in the admin that has such a sensitive demeanour and is easily brought to tears by postings in Forum? May I suggest that they are not cut out for the job and should quietly back off into another position where contact with other human beings is avoided?

This muting seems to set a pattern on Etsy where questioning the running of the site, being critical or using sarcasm, and refusing to kow tow with admin will warrant you a muting.

Never mind - I put my anti-muting insurance into play this morning by posting in the latest hugs-and-kisses ra ra Etsy thread so hopefully I'm a good girl for at least today.

Happy shopping!

PS: Did you know that mintd charges only 6% commission on sales from it's site if you pay the 20 AUSD fee for the lowest of its seller plans? It may also only be neccessary to have a personal PayPal account to receive money from them too as all money from buyers goes thru the mintd PayPal account first. Therefore as a percentage of the selling price, sales fees and PayPal fees are only a flat rate 6%. This contrasts with between 56.4% for a $1USD item and 7.4% for a $50USD item on Etsy. Hmmm ...............


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If by "incisive, sharp and intelligent", you mean "total jerkass", then yes, you're right.

ebbandflo said...

a total jerkass who doesn't hide behind anonymity perhaps then?

Nina Kuriloff said...

i am very happy to hear that your jewelry is now available in a brick and mortar space!!!


tigergirl said...

Hmmmmm, interesting comparison about Mintd, now if only their site didn't seem so cluncky to me!

ebbandflo said...

Mintd is clunky right now, and can be maddeningly slow BUT it does seem to hold a lot of promise as a community handcrafts site. Ecrater seems functional but utilitarian (tho i'm loving the easiness of the site right now - like a breath of fresh air) and Dawanda seems too complicated. Etsy does have a stylish and distinctive edge over the competition but with theri latest party tricks I think it's wise for independantly minded crafters not to throw all their eggs in one basket.

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