Saturday, June 30, 2007

bye bye June drip drip

Bye bye June 2007, officially more than a half less than sunny than usual!
Where is my summer??
Anyway, I'm seeing June out with a bang. It's Canada Day tomorrow so there will be fireworks galore round here. I'm currently on a post-migraine high (you know, that great burst of euphoric energy that happens when you finally recover) from yesterday's whammy - no vision loss this time whoopee! Instead I got unending vomitting lapsing into dry heaving on top of my pounding headache. And it all came on while in Vancouver with the wee guy, en route to handing in the next batch of ebb and flo goodies to consign (more on this later if i remember). So thus incapacitated I locked the wee guy in the car, heaved outside and called the hubby to come rescue us. He arrived as fast as his colleague could legally drive him there (bless you Kevin) and then drove me, wailing and puking, all the way back to PoMo. What fun!
This morning I woke up 4 pounds lighter (yay the "Oh puke your gutts up over 12 hours" diet really works - note: i am not making light of or endorsing bulimia here), a bit woozy and definitely achy to find a gorgeous thank you email from my custom seaglass necklace customer (including a cute pic of her and her dog, both wearing their ebb and flo goodies - more on that later), an email to say the cufflinks order has arrived at last (oh thank goodness) and a new treasury with my mermaid necklace in it! Thankyou westernartglass!!
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