Wednesday, June 13, 2007

off the cuff ....

(from the left)
row1: blue skyline and white quartz, blackstone and turquoise/dichroic fused glass from thecraftykind
row 2: fusedglass cabs from willowglass, sea glass and lampwork beads from rufusandroxy
row 3: amber, picasso jasper and white quartz, and fused glass cabs custom made by willowglass

Almost ready to put this little collection to bed!
Most of these pairs of cufflinks are for a wholesale order being readied for sending out next week. All of the order and most of the pairs above are in sterling silver and this has been the biggest project I have ever undertaken using this medium. Until now I've been serving my apprenticeship in silver-plated wire (the non-tarnish version of which I love for wire crochet since it stays shiney for longer and I haven't yet worked out whether or not it will tumble polish).
Cufflinks have been selling steadily in my Etsy shop and sell occasionally at craft fairs. I started making them after my husband suggested some gorgeous willowglass cabs would make great cufflinks. After I figured out how to wire them into a cufflnk setting and test drove them for durability they became a fixed item in my Etsy shop. Recently the sterling silver sample sets have found their way onto Mintd. Sea glass also makes great cufflinks and I have enough genuine scottish chunks for both white and seafoam/aqua.
Cufflinks are pretty old fashioned these days but can still give a suit an extra formal kick in the cuffs! Jazzy or classic, I'm sure they are here to stay in a few discerning gents' wardrobes.
... and you know where to buy them now!

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