Saturday, June 16, 2007

where have all the flowers gone?

Sadly, Etsy has been a depressing place for a lot of the last week. Listings were not showing up in the correct places at the correct times thus denying sellers their brief snatch of Etsy fame. As per usual information from Etsycentral was slow in coming or just absent or not timely so sellers continued to list and then complain. Calls for information on site status are becoming commonplace in the forum but sadly seem to go unheeded.

Then there was Etsy's second birthday party in the middle of this whole mess ...... great timing and I felt rather sorry for the partygoers whooping it up when there was such dissarray and frustration in the forums.

.... and to cap it all off there was also another round of mutings.

Mutings are used by Etsy to reprimand bad forum behaviour according to the Do's and Don'ts, the Terms of Use or the constitution depending on what the infraction is deemed to be. A seller's posting privileges in the forums are suspended for an amount of time and their avatar is blanked (read more here). Yesterday's post in the blog was about one such muting, where one seller was attacked by another, basically for being a victim. The 'victim' was the one that ended up muted!

KarmaRox created a Treasury list in honour of the occasion.

I'm posting late at night as usual (when I get some time to myself) and I'm too tired to write coherently or with family-friendly language so I'll let the treasury list do the talking for me.

and my current avatar ....

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