Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Every so often I get an email update from Edie Hats on Granville Island in Vancouver. Usually I read, become excited at the thought of finding that signature hat then forget about it in the daily mundane whirl of mum-of-a-preschooler, wife-of-a-corporate-executive life.

However, this time I think I am 'in lerv' - click on the above pic for the link to buy I dare you. I have a real weakness for dancing shoes and the red flamenco pair above are seriously pushing all my buttons. Luckily I have a birthday coming up (well, August) but I am about to forget my nothing over $50 (doesn't seem so important to put the CAD after it now snigger) rule for my cheapskate wardrobe.

Dammit I deserve a hot, sexy pair of dancing shoes! They are totally wrong, impractical and a colour which will go with absolutely not one thing in aforementioned wardrobe (since it comprises exclusively of dowdy child-proof mummy uniform-type rags plus an occasional unflattering slinky number for that mythical date night I have heard of in parenting classes (obviously not the same classes my partner was taking or maybe I'm just aurally challenged)).

But in my dreams ...........


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