Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers' Day

.. and a happy fathers' day out there to my dad (who now has a huge box of chocs to snaffle thru) (mum, please help him so he doesn't explode) and to the father of my son (thanks for the best mothers' day present ever!!)
Anyways, I'm also in a treasury list today. This one, in honour of her man, is by LEquipeBoutique on Etsy who makes super-adorable baby gear. If only I had been able to buy this amazing clutch I would have been saved the decidedly non-stylish alternative of a ziplock to carry my diaper stuff. I was never a holdall-size diaper bag type of mummy - I just wanted something small and convenient to grab when the wee guy and I left the house in the morning. This would have fitted the bill!
PS: I need someone to get pregnant so I can gift them this lovely blanket.
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