Thursday, June 07, 2007

ebb and flo on mintd

.. and a quick shout out to mintd, a new online selling site for handmade goods. I've been on mintd for about a month so far and the format is improving slowly with new servers, etc

I like it, it's clean and relatively uncluttered. I've yet to make a sale but I haven't been promoting very much. So far I've got the sterling silver/art brooches/lampwork cufflinks on sale there but I'm still trying to work out what my niche will be.

I'm planning on spreading my products among eCrater, mintd and Etsy but haven't yet worked out what is going where as I'd like to have a clearly defined shop on each with no overlap in products. I also want to spread out a bit and not keep all my eggs in one basket - although Etsy is a great holding site for showcasing products I have serious misgivings about its suitability as a selling venue in itself. I'm also not convinced about its administration right now as new whizz bang features get rolled out to the detriment of base line standards like a decent search function. Things hopefully can only improve but it is pushing me further down the road to independent selling which is probably a good thing in the long run.

Stay tuned .....

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