Sunday, December 04, 2011

sunday night is hamster night

... and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. Exhaustion (in us) is no excuse - that hamster needs its exercise. Dinner is accompanied by the sound of exercise ball trundling round the living room (or muffled squeak if it gets stuck somehow). Evening work means typing around the rodent or fielding her heroic leaps from the desk. She has a taste for pencil erasers and an eye for freedom. She loves company and often climbs up the mouse arm to have a quick snuggle at the nape of the neck. When feeling adventurous she abseils down your chest then tunnels from armpit to wrist, dangling like a floppy triceps from your upper arm. Griz the cat is all eyes, unless she's being pursued around the room by a supercharged exercise ball.
Gertie - you're only a hamster, but by gum have you wormed your way into our hearts!

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