Thursday, December 01, 2011

self portrait thursday: late to the opera


Normally I run to "just in time"; I squeak in at the absolute last minute. Tonight, for a variety of should-have-been reasons I was utterly late and had to spend the first act out of the auditorium. I was late. No excuses; totally my fault.
So different compared with November where I timetabled everything rigidly to cope with my lack of time and crowded deadlines. In November I managed to hand in at least three large college assignments early, keep up on the whole with other coursework (cough; we won't mention the missed deadline 5% marks summary), and didn't miss a class. Did I mention the three craft fairs and two gift shops I stocked? Or the arts competition I've entered?
But December? Have I started to relax too soon? The opera's start time wasn't on my radar. Neither was my lack of cash for parking. Hockey? Completely flew under my radar. Pffft! My disorganised life.
Not that getting to the opera late is all bad. My lateness was commiserated with by some lovely front of house staff as I got settled in in front of the live performance screens with other latecomers. And the glorious sound wafting in from the stage like a rich aroma. The bustle of staff prepping for intermission contrasted beautifully with the music from the stage; far from being doom and gloom of lateness, the atmosphere "outside" was quite jolly, as if a party was in progress and I was included.
Far from being a spoiled evening - maybe I'll be late again (and I didn't have to queue for the loo.)

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