Friday, December 23, 2011

friday forte: topsy turvy world escape


I managed to escape this morning, courtesy of mr ebb, my U pass and the aquatic centre. After a brisk 800m swim (freestyle all the way, baby) in under 30 minutes (wow! I'm still fit?) I headed back in to PoMo to collect my unsolds from the Arts Centre (not many left - why thank you:) ). Quick stop at SHARE to snaffle the most adorable red velvet purse, then on to Caffe Divano to refuel and meet the boys.
This might be enough to get me through the next few days.
I'm sure there will be a lot of you who don't get it, but holiday times really aren't vacation for the at-home, work-from-home parent. I'm quite sure that some of you reading this will be wondering why i'm being such a whiney bitch about staying at home. A few of you have even told me your opinion (how enlightening). Whatever. It is still hard to pull the festive vacation relaxation spirit out of the bag when your life is based in, around and hardly ever away from the home. Housework, laundry, and so on never stop. Boys still need to be fed, and, in addition, your previously peaceful workspace is constantly filled with invaders who seem intent on just hanging around without clear plans. It's very difficult to get on with any projects when you have no idea how much time is available and who exactly is in charge of the child. I did let this creep up on me and felt really bah humbug shitty grinch at growling. Setting clear boundaries, especially at this time of year, seems mean-spirited and unfeminine, but it's essential for good mental health in the face of unlimited family access.
So, what are you, dear stay-at-home parent, doing to stop yourself going nuts in the face of 24/7 family festivity this year?

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