Monday, December 05, 2011

midlife monday: going with the flow

wibble wobble, wibble wobble - jelly on a plate
Should I just midlife go-with-the flow, or do I need to steer a course? 
Life's still pretty busy - one exam, grammar homework, behavioural issues, blogging for the artists' co-op, and then the whole of Christmas to deal with - my brain power is on max and my CPU is at 100%. So far, we're getting by and coping gracefully; I don't think I'll throw anything heavy into the mix right now. Relaxxxxxxxxxxxx (frantic decisions are soooo last year).
So instead of making heavy life decisions I'd like to think about what I would like to do in the new year. I've got next semester's courses sorted out (and paid for). My calendar is up-to-date (and online and portable, thank goodness) so I won't miss anything much. Do I need to stress about anything else?
What would I like to do, rather than what do I need to do? 
I'd like to develop more space in my life, continuing on from this summer's revelations. To that, I'd like to live with more grace - I'm not sure how to define this but it seems to go along with not being rushed and having more space for life, family and decisions. From this, I'd also like to have more time to be creative - either develop some mixed media ideas, learn some new techniques, or write more. Space, grace, and creativity - my triumvirate mantra-of-the-moment. Are these my New Year resolutions, or just recognition of what makes me happy? 
I think really it's all about flow.
This is so not last year - long may it continue :)
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