Friday, December 09, 2011

friday forte: out the other side

The Fall semester finished today. with an exam. but it's over. 
Life can begin once more.
Or at least, that's what it feels like.
Homework assignments are handed in. Exam sheets completed. Binders of notes stashed away.
End of term. I have only one craft fair left and it's not till next weekend.
What next? What am I going to do with all this spare time?

Christmas. And back to life itself. Which had been postponed in the interim.
So, in answer to the following questions, since I have been a veritable hermit of communication -
  • no - I haven't been able to think about what gifts to get for Christmas though I did, in a whirlwind of uncharacteristic efficiency, get my share of the gift parcels off in the mail mid October (I just guessed or took a wild stab at being original or sent what I thought would make a good gift).
  • no - I can't even think about what I'm buying for my boys, so no, I really don't have a clue what to get them. somehow I have to sort this out in the next week before school finishes.
  • no - the efficiency did not extend to cards (which will therefore be late this year, again).
  • no - I haven't started the Very Important Embroidery project (but I did say, after Christmas).
  • no - I haven't forgotten escaping at the end of February (and I hope this is still a plan?)
  • no - I didn't ignore your messages; I just didn't respond to them (subtle difference).
  • no - I'm sorry but I don't want a kitchen appliance (but thanks for asking).
The management would like to thank you for your patience. Normal service will be resumed shortly, but not before I've attended to the most important two things in my life (see pic above). 
Have a merry Christmas.

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