Monday, March 01, 2010

olympic fever subsided

It started waaaaaaaaay back with not being able to get out on the ice with the mascots. Oh the disappointment!

Then there was the torch carrying .......

.. followed by waiting in the dark really early in the morning for the torch relay (followed by side trip to ER later in the day)

...... holding the real torch ....

.... an even bigger flame ...
.... and finally a hug in real life from Sumi. We played hookey from school and headed off downtown to savour the olympic flavour. We just happened to be at the Robson Square ice rink when the mascots were out meeting and greeting. Amazingly, we got rinkside and the Wee Guy got his hug at last. Needless to say, it would have made a super picture but I was too emotional to click the shutter. After the disappointment of missing skating with them back in January I knew how much this moment meant to my little travel companion. His face was a true delight and I'm glad I savoured the moment with him. The olympics are over now but we did have our own olympic moment .... and we have sled hockey in the Paralympics to look forward to.


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