Friday, February 26, 2010

friday forte: appearances

multiple personalities

Maybe I'm just vain but one of my big hangups right now is how old I look! I'm feeling a little "old lady-ish" and it's well before my time. As a SAHM (or more correctly, someone who works from the home) I have absolutely no need to dress up for work everyday, let alone sport a trendy hairstyle, embellish my visage with make up or be 'easy on the eye' to workmates. Occasionally the Wee Guy announces he likes to see me wearing a dress (cos I look like a princess, bless him) but other than that, there's no real feedback for my frumpy self around the house ...... except that I'm getting really critical of myself. Mirrors are demoralising and occasional SPT's a reminder of how much greyer my hair is/how my wrinkles collection is growing. In my mind I'm still only 21y old; mirrors jolt me back into mid-forties reality.
I've had to take direct action recently since my regular spectacles (bottom row, middle) are disintegrating with metal fatigue. I need to replace them soon. In the meantime, I'm wearing my school pair (bottom right image,  yes, that old!) and have been surprised at how different they make my face look. This launched me into a detailed online investigation of face shape vs. specs shape vs. hairstyling. For instance, according to the outline drawn in eyepencil on my mirror, I have a long face (length is greater than width), and a lot of forehead. I should choose glasses which add depth and  a hairstyle which doesn't drag down the face (see my current style for an example!!) but adds width. Bangs or a fringe are a must! Alas, my sleek Jennifer Aniston do needs to go.
But what will a radical makeover accomplish? (or even a less radical one to allow me to wimp out last moment?) What's in it for me? Would I feel more confident. Although I'm extremely proud of what my body has accomplished so far (re: childbirth, breastfeeding , recovery from complications of flu, and so on)  my body image problems are more to do with the packaging than what's underneath. Despite appearances influencing judgment, I think it would make me feel more at ease with myself.
If I knew I was presenting my best side and wasn't looking like a hag I could get on with the business of my mid-life crisis with fewer wardrobe malfunctions and interruptions.



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