Monday, February 01, 2010

doctor's knickers

Yup - it was a doctor's knickers day for me (and I just know that around the world lots of other women are sniggering at this titbit, nodding knowingly whilst their menfolks are looking bewildered - relax guys!). Personally speaking, it's one of the few days in a year when having matching undies matters. 'Nuff said.

Anways, doc's appointment was In Town so I got a peaceful morning drive into pre-olympics Vancouver with nothing but CBC Radio One for company. Interesting snippets on The Current, including this one by Raj Patel on how modern capitalism functions on women performing their work unpaid (listen to the part two podcast).

Other interesting news, a great summary of the new EI laws for self-employed folks in Canada by Amber and a notice of intention from me: I'll be switching over the business side of blogging to my other blog, Portable Crafting so I can get some separation of rants from bootiful jewellery marketing thus injecting some professional integrity :)


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