Friday, January 29, 2010

friday forte - the next dose

woven wire student display

To recap: I'm not all that happy about the way I'm crawling thru my forties so here's how I'm planning on making the changes.

This week went well despite a prolonged period of solo parenting while DH was away on business. This week I was Back On Track after the distracting whirl of christmas. Since last Friday's post I've managed a 20 minute run while the Wee Guy was skating, a morning's cross country skiing (while he was in Jackrabbits), a 30 minute run at the gym (Wee Guy in childcare ...), 800m swim (ditto, lessons .... sensing a pattern yet) and I did manage to go to my fencing lesson thanks to some excellent childminding (by my guinea pig sitter, not kidding). Wednesday was my cool down (telecommunications and internet upgrading day - I completed my inventory logging while the tech worked around the house) and Thursday I swam again.

All in all, a good week .... and did you spot the goal achieved? Yes - childcare. A small step but one that will leave me less frustrated and a little more independent.

On reflection it is the loss of independence which frustrates me most. Pre-child I wouldn't say I didn't have a care in the world but dealing with someone else's total dependence was not on the agenda when planning late nights, spontaneous breaks, last minute treats or networking opportunities. Now it seems my whole waking life is muddled with interdependence. True, I wouldn't change it for the world since not having my little interdependent co-traveller would make my world a sadder place but ........ it does confuse even the simplest issue and I can't help but think wistfully of simpler times.


ps: currently reading "40 over 40: 40 things every woman over 40 needs to know about getting dressed" by Brenda Kinsel - wardrobe makeover next perhaps?


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