Friday, February 05, 2010

friday forte! - another morsel

It's time for another friday forte post - usually I write these up and edit thru the week but today I'm a little behind in my routine.
So to get things rolling, let's list some accomplishments for this week (ra ra).
  • exercise - since my last forte post I've kept up the exercise though I did wimp out of cross country skiing on Saturday as it was raining. I've swum twice, fenced, visited the gym for a run thus logging about 2 miles and 1300m in distances covered! Feeling good, feeling lighter too :)
  • childcare - fingers continually crossed but I have childcare for two events next week (including one sleepover!). Since not all my "work" can be fitted into school hours I really need reliable after hours sitters too. Life would be wayyyyyyy easier if all I did was during my period of "free" childminding at school but that's not how it works out. Anyway, evening pursuits get me out and about away from the husband permanently glued to his laptop (he asked me the same question twice one evening so I know he's not really paying attention even if I am in for the evening).
  • "work" applications - I've sent off a couple of craft fair event registrations and am in the middle of making up jury packages for some B&M's (bricks and mortar aka shops) - wish me luck pls
In my last post I mentioned I was reading a book on 'dressing for your forties" - it's no joke! I really do need an image makeover (see above for my usual uniform - jeans, T shirt top, sensible hair ....) but just what does a 40+ y old SAHM wear? and how do I clothe this new bod of mine. The legacy of pregnancy/C-section/breastfeeding has been a bigger (droopier) bust, weight gain issues, a truly matronly upper body, thicker waist, facial wrinkles ..... in short, it's not the body I grew up with. And yes, I mentioned the 'm' word - matronly = guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of every (older) woman. Image does matter, even if you're stuck at home most of the time (well, it does to me).

Another volume I've devoured recently has been "What Your Clothes Say ABout You" by the very excellent Trinny and Susannah. I have been a huge fan of their image makeover advice ever since I (temporarily) ended up with 38G instead of 34A. They write sensibly, don't pull their punches and back it up with brilliant photos.

My clothing/style needs have certainly changed with the arrival of the Wee Guy into my life, but I've also aged. What was really 'hot' on a 30 year old postgrad now looks ridiculous. My arse is bigger and boobs even more so. I have wrinkles and grey hairs (amazingly curly ones too!). I can no longer rock short skirts and big boots without looking a total cougar (another horrifying word to the more mature). My slightly androgynous style of dressing looks horrific on my expanded bosom (the top shown above never tented forward with boobs when I first bought it many years ago), making me look like a shot-putter in drag. It's been a total journey of despair on some days.

And to cap it all, I'm meant to be a stylish jewelry designer, not a frump!

Well, I'm still working on it. I'm planning a very brutal wardrobe cull this week.
My one word of advice - bold patterns are your friend, and don't knock the shapewear!
(OK two words!)



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