Tuesday, March 16, 2010


midnight crafting aftermath is ....

I'm not really sure ...... but here's a typical day with the crafting (and business side of crafting) slotted in.

  • Wake up - if this is a good day there will be basket of laundry ready to fling in the machine before breakfast
  • Wake up the Wee Guy (on a good day he'll already be awake, and might even had breakfast)
  • Breakfast prep - includes feeding the Wee Guy and packing school lunch/snack, corralling school items and gently (or not so gently) reminding Wee Guy he needs to eat all his breakfast up pronto.
  • Breakfast (for me) - includes dealing with emails, catching up on The Archers podcast and drinking coffee
  • School - on a good day I'll get the laundry in the dryer before heading off on the school run, on a bad day success is getting out of the front door with clothing appropriate to the season (him and me)
  • Laundry - might be done, might not even be assembled!
  • Emails and internet stuff - with focus and discipline I can finish before 9.30am ...... nuff said!
  • Crafting project ........ damn, there goes the washer/dryer/guinea pigs to feed
  • Phone calls - screened thru voicemail (sorry, but sometimes I feel like being a real hermit)
  • Computer on frizz/camera battery dead/website not behaving - damn
  • Several hours later - back to crafting project (if I'm lucky and there's no grocery shopping, minor emergency housework which cannot be put off, or school volunteering)
  • Laundry most likely, creased and forgotten in dryer - shake and fold.
  • Meal plan - what am I going to feed the hordes this evening?
  • School pickup comes waaaaaay too soon.
  • End of day aka start of domestic stuff
  • Too tired to finish off abandoned project in evening - bath/tv/mindless internet surfing which requires no conscious thought process/bed
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