Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday forte: the old edition

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It seems to be an "age" week this week, time flies by and already it's the evening ... on Friday ..... and still no Friday forte post.
Time, time, time .... passing ..... too bloody quickly perhaps.

One of my fave bloggers, the amazing Amber, has blogged about age, aging, not feeling your age, getting older..... I've felt at least double my age because of a cold, a domestic upset and the start of Spring Break among other things.

And this week I realised that, for the first time in my life, I am now older than the actor who plays James Bond. Humph!

Time is conspiring against me?
I'm sure that as I get older there are fewer hours in the day. I never felt so rushed when I was younger, or is it now that since I am statistically closer to the event, I realise that time is marching on leaving me with less of it to accomplish what I hope to? Is time giving me a kick in the pants to get with living before It's Too Late?

Maybe I am more aware of my own mortality, something that is missing in the invincibility of youth. There is nothing more sobering than realising that middle aged is exactly what it means ie. halfway thru, and that you really should try to stick around as long as possible for the child which you postponed having until your late thirties.

Whatever, I really should start getting the message and living each day yada yada yada ..........


Anonymous said...

The way that time just constantly speeds up scares me. I can't imagine how quickly I will be 50 or 70 or 90. I just want it to slow down for a little while, sometimes, so that i can catch my breath.

pomomama said...

Canada -time seems to go much quicker than UK-time ....... but I was childless and younger in the UK so it might be a biased observation!

Anonymous said...

I am way behind you on that one so I flatly refuse to think about it. Oh wait, I think they call that denial.

pomomama said...

denial - whenever I hear that word I'm always reminded of the scene with the sharks in Finding Nemo!

PS: it'll creep up on you!

msbelle said...

I feel the same things you're feeling. A lot more often the older I get too. I'll be 49 in May. Ugh. Even though we both have young ones and people say that will keep you young (HA!), it's somewhat of a nagging constant reminder that we're NOT young anymore. And I agree that time flies faster the older we get. Seems to for me anyway. I do want to stick around long enough to see what the boy becomes someday. I hope he turns out to be a good person. That's all.

It's depressing. Plain and simple. And I just want to give you a great big hug. (we both need a smack on the back of the head to "nap out of it!!")

pomomama said...

Hey Ginger, hugs to you too!
The wee ones do keep us young in a certain way but I've never considered my mortality so much as when I brought my Wee Guy into the world. I feel so obliged to stay healthy and stick around to see him thru into adulthood. It is a worry and it's one I don't think younger mothers feel so acutely. While they are concerned about quality of labour/optimal parenting issues/doing the current right mothering fad we're just obsessed with making it through the next 18 years!
BTW your little person looks like he's turning out just fine. I love reading about what he's been doing, hope his colds etc stay away this year.

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