Sunday, March 07, 2010

yes i am still crafting

at work, at the bench, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Amidst all the mid-life crisisness I am still crafting away in, around and in spite of the family (not sure how sane it's keeping me but imagine how nuts I would be if I didn't have this distraction!).

I'm managing to get most of the admin/paperwork done during the day when I'm at my (?)sparkiest and leave the creative work until the evening when I can hang up my concious mind and just get on with making stuff. Usually I've been thinking about projects all day in my head so when the evening comes around all I need are my materials and tools for the idea to take shape.

The pic shows me working on a new design of seaglass cufflinks (shown below) from what's turning into the "simplicty" collection of classic, unadorned pieces. I'm starting to think more in terms of themes when creating now. Another new deisng I'm very pleased with incorporates needlefelting, a new skill, as shown in the purple poppy ring below. It's good to have some distractions (and recent sales too!).

simple drilled sea glass cufflinks
simple drilled seaglass and sterling cufflinks

wire and fibre ring: poppy
wire and fibre poppy ring

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