Thursday, March 04, 2010

Make It March: the guinea pig edition

not coming out of her contraceptive igloo
the contraceptive igloo in use

I can now officially confirm that spring is with us.
Over on my other blog, I'm running a series of posts thru March with the theme "Make It March" which is meant to encourage me to be creative and make some carp. So far I've tackled my website (which is now the aforementioned blog thanks to Blogger adding static pages into the mix) and gone thru the agony of photographing, describing and listing some more jewelry in my Etsy shop.

up close and personal
the noisy antics soon draw a crowd of perverts interested bystanders

Thanks to mild weather and increasing daylight, the guinea pigs thought they would make their contribution to Make It (Out) March too. She (Becca) came into oestrus, and he (Gullible) spent yesterday shagging (NB: link poss NSFW!) her senseless. It all involved a lot of chasing around the cage and squeaking noisily in an aggrieved manner.
That is, until she discovered the power of the contraceptive igloo! and re-discovered the mathematical perfection that states two into one will not go.

aggrieved and not getting his marital rites
impossible to hump, inside or outside

Gullible likewise made a discovery. There is not enough room in a pigloo in which to swing into action.
Contrary to last year, he's now the one wearing the look of disappointment!


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