Monday, March 08, 2010

day's end

looking west, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.
So, I "lost" today to a migraine. Managed to get the Wee Guy off to school avec lunchbag then retired to my pain. Recovered sufficiently not to bite Wee Guy's head off after school and he graciously accompanied on a grocery shopping expedition by way of a local coffee establishment (bribery not totally needed, bless). Gave this evening's swimming a miss as, though I'm painfree now, I am exhausted (and I want to go fencing tomorrow) cos my head kept me awake last night.

needlefelting W.I.P. So today was lost. I had some needlefelting calling to me but I was feeling too incoordinated to wield the sharp stuff. My neck was too stiff for some knitting dolly work so the necklace remains unfinished. Bleh!

.... but I did manage to photo this ring from yesterday's crafting!
wire and fibre flower ring: blue anemone

... and I cast on and knit a few rows on a new knitting project, fed the family a nutritious meal, and tidied the kitchen so it wasn't all bad.


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