Monday, June 04, 2012

midlife monday: a month of eats

ducks and ducklings at Helmer's Organic farm
quack today; left-overs tomorrow

So why have a meal plan for a month as part of midlife monday?
Why indeed!

This month I've culled a couple of en papillote recipes from the latest All You Need Is Cheese magazine which landed on my doorstep. They will be a refreshing change from the vast amounts of frozen left-overs the boys will be eating over the next four weeks.

Bon appetit :)

Week One:
  • Monday =  squash and lamb stew with baked potato (frozen remainders)
  • Tuesday = meal out (IKEA whoopee!) 
  • Wednesday =  butter chicken with rice, naan, curried veg (again, frozen left-overs)
  • Thursday =  courgette ragu on fettucine (recipe to follow)
  • Friday = salmon pasta bake

Week Two:
  • Monday = pork and olive casserole with rice (say it with me - frozen left-overs)
  • Tuesday = pizza (frozen Panago left-overs!!)
  • Wednesday = out :)
  • Thursday = nachos with prawns
  • Friday = beany lasagne (made with my never-ending stock of baked beans in the freezer)
Week Three:

Week Four:
  • Monday = salade nicoise (similar recipe from Canadian Living)
  • Tuesday = yogurt spiced chicken with veg bocconcini kebabs
  • Wednesday = tofu stirfry
  • Thursday =  final appearance by the squash and lamb stew left-overs!
  • Friday =  Thai fish curry with udon noodles and coconut milk (in other words, fish and cilantro boiled in coconut milk with Thai curry paste, red, green or yellow)
No risotto?

PS: Nicole Avery aka. @planningqueen of Planning With Kids has released an app for her weekly meal plans. Download her menus and generate your own shopping lists.
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