Monday, June 18, 2012

midlife monday: just, because

So why not?

It's difficult to explain why I'm not heading back into practice, to use my training and first degree as a vet and scientist. Outwardly, it does seem crazy to throw it all away. Why want to write or make art or create stuff? Why not just re-qualify and go do the clinical stuff again? You've done it before - do it again.

Why choose to do the something that you've always enjoyed? Why try to distil the enjoyable feature in every single job you've had into a new way of life?

Why try to fit it around parenting? Why not go the easy route of nine-to-five with childcare on the side? Why not stay at home? Why strive for work/hours that fit in with the kid and the husband? Why try at all?

Why not do the predictable? Why try something new? Why try to change things? Why try to change you?

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